Nerf Ultra Championship

The qualification period has ended. Thanks to everyone who participated and good luck to our finalists!

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Compete to win $5000

Every visitor to Nerf Challenge can opt in to compete for a $5000 grand prize. All competitors must run a qualifying course during their visit to the Challenge, where scores will be divided between 8-to-14 and 15-and-older age brackets. The top fifteen scorers in each bracket must then return to compete for the grand prize on January 4, 2020.

The Ultra Championship makes use of the just-released Nerf Ultra Blaster, a cutting-edge motorized Nerf blaster that fires darts faster, longer and more accurately than ever before. To test their skills, competitors will use Ultra Blasters on the Challenge’s innovative Blaster Run course, where a combination of speed and accuracy determines your score. To win the grand prize, the top 15 scorers in each age bracket will return to run a specialized gauntlet of timed challenges